Dear Customers

In light of the situation in Israel and with the safety of our passengers and crew as our main priority we have cancelled all cruises that were scheduled to depart from Haifa up to and including January 13, 2024.

If you were booked on one of the cancelled sailings through a travel agent, we advise that you contact them to understand the next steps for a new booking or refund and for those customers who booked directly with MSC Cruises, we will be contact you in the coming days.

For more information:

Phone number: *2019

Dear customers

Below is an important update regarding the policy of canceling cruises, due to the war in Israel.

Cruises from Haifa, as mentioned previously, are canceled until the end of October 2023.

Regarding departures from Haifa after October 2023, please see future updates.

Customers wishing to cancel cruises departing from ports abroad, whose departure date is up to November 12, 2023 can do so, with no cancellation fees!

Cancellations will be sent in writing only to this email address: and subject to signing the cancellation confirmation form that will be sent to you.

Cancellation will be made up to 2 labor days before the departure, weekdays Sunday – Thursday between: 09:00-16:00.

As mentioned in the previous announcements, due to the large number of passengers, processing time of refund may take some time so please be patient with us.

Wishing all of us a quick return to normal,

Msc cruises

MSC Cruises announces that this morning (Wednesday) at 09:00, a complex operation to bring back 800 Israeli passengers home, has ended.

Today, a ship that was specially chartered by MSC Cruises Israel for the safe return of 800 Israeli passengers to Israel, entered the port of Haifa.

These are passengers who stayed on the ship MSC Musica, which left Israel last Thursday (5.10.23) for a 7-night Mediterranean cruise.

Following the emergency state of war, the company’s cruises scheduled to depart from Haifa were cancelled.

In order to bring the passengers back to Israel safely, MSC Cruises initiated a complex operation to return the Israeli passengers.

The ship on which the Israeli customers were staying shortened its voyage, changed its route and sailed directly to Cyprus, skipping several planned destinations, where the Mano Maritime cruise ship that was chartered ahead of time, especially by MSC Cruises, which also financed the rescue voyage,
was waiting for them to bring the passengers back directly to Haifa.

All passengers arrived safely in Israel.

MSC Cruise stands by the State of Israel in this difficult time and wishes for calmer days.

Eyal Atias from MSC Cruise Israel says that due to the situation, the company’s cruises that were planned to visit Haifa have been diverted to alternative ports, until the end of October 2023.

“We are monitoring closely the situation and hope to resume cruises to and from Israel as soon as possible.

We thank ‘mano maritime’ cruise liner for joining us in such a short time to assist in this operation.

Dear customers

Due to the situation of war in Israel, we are obliged to announce the cancellation of the departures from Haifa of the following cruises:

Future cruises from Haifa on the ships: MSC Musica | MSC Sinfonia | Departures until October 26.

A notification regarding the method of refunding customer will be sent by email and published on the website

Please follow the updates on the website.

Dear customers

Below is an important update regarding MSC cruises from Haifa:

An active cruise that left Haifa onboard MSC Musica on October 5, 2023 and is currently at sea:
The ship MSC Musica left yesterday directly from Santorini to Limassol and will arrive there today, October 10 at 20:00.
(This cruise will not dock in Kusadasi and Haifa as planned).

A ship specially chartered by MSC Cruises is waiting in Limassol for the Israeli customers
to get them back safely to Israel and take the passengers directly to Haifa.

Near the dock (as mentioned around 20:00 today) the customers will go directly to the chartered ship (Ship name: Crown Iris)
The customers’ luggage will be tagged during the day, and will be transported directly to the new rooms at Crown Iris Ship,
where it will be delivered to the customers.

Expected departing time to Haifa: 23:50 tonight.
Expected arrivalto Haifa: tomorrow morning (Wed Oct 11) around 09:00

Customers will receive meals on the ship and the type of rooms assigned will be according to the current availability.

Timesand schedules may change.

Please stay tuned for more updates.

MSC Cruises Israel

Dear customers

Following the state of emergency in Israel,
MSC Cruises strengthens the hands of the Israeli people and stands by them in these difficult moments.
In order to make things easier for you in these stressful days,
we will allow those of you whose security situation does not allow them to go on a cruise,
to cancel the cruise free of charge.
The above refers to departure dates between October 8 and 15, 2023.
We will frequently examine the situation, as required, and update you accordingly.
Booking cancellations will be accepted in writing only.
Customers who made reservations through website or directly from our call center,
should cancel the booking by sending cancellation request to the following email address, stating the reason for cancellation:
Customers who made their reservation through a travel agent,
should contact their travel agent directly to cancel the reservation.
Due to the situation, we ask you to be patient until receiving the cancellation confirmation.
Refunds will be made within approximated schedule of 60 days.
In these challenging period we wish all of us a safe and early return to routine.
MSC cruises Israel