At MSC Cruises, sustainability is not just a buzzword but a long term business commitment.
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Our commitment to a greener future is outlined in our easy-to-understand Sustainability Action Plan. We’re working on several fronts: reducing our emissions to zero, improving the air around us, using resources wisely, supporting the places we visit, taking care of our team and guests, and choosing our suppliers carefully. These efforts organised into our main areas of action – Planet, People, Fuel and Technology, Supply Chain and Responsible Tourism to show our dedication to protecting the environment, supporting our communities, and ensuring a sustainable future for cruising.


We are fully committed to playing our part in addressing climate change and promoting ocean biodiversity. We are determined to accelerate our transition toward net zero emissions for our fleet by 2050. We work closely with leading technology companies, shipyards, and fuel providers to push the boundaries of what is possible.


MSC Cruises is a people-focused company, employing tens of thousands of people of multiple nationalities worldwide. Our number one priority is keeping our passengers and crew safe and well. Our crew play a very important role in making our guest experience a success, and we know how important it is to support their well-being.


Our cruises allow people to visit some of the most beautiful and exciting destinations that the world has to offer – and we want to help to keep them that way.
We promote more responsible travel and deliver greater social and economic outcomes for communities.


Our cruise sustainability actions also apply to our procurement policy. Every year, we procure thousands of different items to run our operations, from engine parts to hand soap, crew uniforms to food and drink and we need to do this thoughtfully and responsibly.


As a family-owned company with a global seafaring heritage that dates back to 1675, we care passionately about the seas and have a real love of the beautiful places and inspiring cultures we take our guests to explore all over the world. This has led us to launch many life-changing initiatives over the years.

The MSC Foundation was founded in 2018 to lead and coordinate these conservation and humanitarian commitments worldwide, developing the longstanding philanthropic partnerships of all the MSC Group companies and launching many new initiatives.

Our Foundation works to restore the critical balance between people and nature, utilising our global reach and unique knowledge of the sea to take immediate action to protect and nurture the blue planetits peoples and our shared cultural heritage. We help disaster-struck populations toward recovery and support vulnerable communities around the world to realise their full potential through education, sustainable development, and humanitarian medical programmes.