Kosher meal offered on board  MSC Lirica

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Breakfast selection (TAMAM)

  • Omelet with cherry tomatoes and potatoes
  • Cheese blintzes with vanilla sauce and apricot
  • Apple blintzes with vanilla sauce and apricot
  • Belgium waffles
  • Pancake Rolls with chocolate syrup
  • Croissant
  • Bread roll
  • (in alluminium container as per the Airlines)

Omelette and steamed vegetables

Blinches with cottage cheese in vanilla sauce and dried apricots

Blinches with apples in vanilla sauce and dried apricots

Belgian Waffles

Pancake with chocolate sirup

Lunch & Dinner selections (TAMAM)

  1. Fried chicken in Thai sauce, yellow rice, vetgetables

2. Schnitzel Fish, rice, carrot and peas

3. Bolognese sauce, pasta, ratatou

4. Fish Kebab with lemon sauce, rice, green beans

5. Mousakka (meat pastry wrapped in eggplant), couscous, cooked vegetables

6. Tilapia (amnon) fish with hot sauce (hraime)

7. Mini hamburger, rice, green beans

8. Pumpkin kobe filled with meat, cooked vegetables

9. Mafrom (meat balls wrapped with potato couscous, vegetables

10. Dumplings of meat (kreplach) fried onions, ragu, peas and carrots

11. Hungarian goulash meat, rice, ratatou

12. Chicken meat balls in tomato sauce, couscous and cooked vegetables

13. Beef balls in tomato and olive sauce, couscous, green beans

14. Kobe beetroot stuffed with mushrooms packs, beetroot cubes

15. Chicken strips in rice curry sauce, dwarf carrots and green beans

16. Schnitzel, ptitim, beans and carrot

17. Shawarma (Levantine dish of meat), ptitim, beans in tomato sauce

18. Chicken strips, noodles, peas

19. Beef meetballs, majdara, green beans

20. Schnityel, vegetables

21. Rice beef and pea stew

Price: 30,00 Eur per person per day